Pioneer Sub Woofer TS-W309s4


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The Pioneer TS-W309S4 subwoofer is a testament to Pioneer’s commitment to delivering powerful audio experiences. With its impressive design and engineering, this subwoofer stands out as a prime choice for audiophiles and car enthusiasts seeking enhanced bass performance.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with precision, the TS-W309S4 boasts a robust build designed to withstand the demands of high-performance audio. Its rigid cone structure, made from IMPP composite seamless cone, ensures durability while minimizing distortion, allowing for accurate bass reproduction. The subwoofer’s dual-layer, fiber-reinforced elastic polymer surround further contributes to its resilience, enabling long-lasting, high-quality sound production.

Power and Performance

Featuring a 12-inch cone, this subwoofer is engineered to handle up to 1400 watts of maximum power and 400 watts of nominal power. Its 4-ohm impedance ensures compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers, enabling users to experience deep, powerful bass without compromising audio quality. The oversized, double-stacked magnets and a larger magnet circuit provide the necessary magnetic flux for improved sensitivity and bass response.

Advanced Technologies

Equipped with innovative technologies, the TS-W309S4 delivers an exceptional audio experience. The subwoofer’s ventilation system dissipates heat efficiently, allowing prolonged, high-power handling without compromising performance. Additionally, the reinforced basket design enhances stability, reducing vibrations and ensuring consistent, distortion-free bass reproduction.

Installation and Compatibility

Designed for easy installation, the TS-W309S4 fits seamlessly into most standard subwoofer enclosures. Its compatibility with various car audio systems and enclosures provides users with flexibility in customization, allowing for optimal integration into their desired setup.


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