Pion TS-A1044R 10CM 3 Way Speaker 300W


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The Pion TS-A1044R 10CM 3 Way Speaker is a compact yet powerful audio device designed to deliver exceptional sound quality across various frequencies. With a peak power handling of 300 watts, this speaker boasts a three-way design, ensuring a comprehensive range of sound reproduction. Let’s delve deeper into its features and capabilities.

Design and Construction

The speaker’s compact 10cm size makes it suitable for installation in various car models or tight spaces without compromising on audio performance. Its robust construction includes quality materials that contribute to its durability, ensuring prolonged usage without degradation in sound quality. The three-way design signifies its ability to handle different frequency ranges effectively, dividing the sound spectrum into low, mid, and high frequencies for accurate reproduction.

Power Handling and Performance

With a peak power handling of 300 watts, the Pion TS-A1044R 10CM speaker delivers powerful and clear sound output, filling your space with immersive audio. The speaker’s capability to handle higher power ensures distortion-free sound reproduction even at louder volumes, maintaining clarity and precision across different music genres.

Three-Way Speaker Configuration

The three-way speaker setup comprises individual drivers optimized for specific frequency ranges. The dedicated woofer handles low frequencies, delivering deep and punchy bass. The midrange driver focuses on vocals and instruments, ensuring clear and detailed sound reproduction. Finally, the tweeter delivers crisp and precise high frequencies, adding sparkle to the music.

Enhanced Sound Quality

The Pion TS-A1044R 10CM speaker’s design and components work harmoniously to produce well-balanced audio. Its advanced technology minimizes distortion, providing an immersive listening experience. Whether you’re enjoying energetic beats or subtle melodies, this speaker aims to reproduce audio faithfully, capturing the nuances of your favorite tracks.

Installation and Compatibility

Designed for easy installation, this speaker fits seamlessly into most car audio setups or tight spaces. Its compatibility with various car models and audio systems makes it a versatile choice for upgrading sound quality without extensive modifications.


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