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The USB Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter is a versatile device designed to enhance your audio experience by enabling wireless connectivity between various audio sources and receivers. Whether in your car or at home, this compact gadget offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity, transforming your non-Bluetooth devices into wireless-ready hubs.

Functionality and Features

Audio Transmission: This transmitter effortlessly converts non-Bluetooth devices into Bluetooth-enabled ones. By simply plugging it into a USB port or a 3.5mm audio jack, you can transmit audio signals wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or car stereos.

Dual Mode Operation: Equipped with both transmitter and receiver modes, this device adapts to your needs. In transmitter mode, it can send audio from a non-Bluetooth TV, PC, or MP3 player to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. In receiver mode, it enables Bluetooth reception on wired speakers or headphones, allowing them to receive audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones or tablets.

Compact Design: Its miniature size and sleek design make it highly portable and convenient for travel. Its plug-and-play functionality means you can effortlessly switch it between different devices without complicated setups.

Versatile Applications

Car Wireless Transmitter: Utilize this device in your car to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone to your car stereo system. It ensures a hassle-free driving experience, eliminating the need for tangled cables while keeping your focus on the road.

Home Entertainment Enhancement: Transform your home audio setup by adding Bluetooth capabilities to your TV, stereo system, or old speakers. Enjoy the flexibility of streaming music from your smartphone or tablet to your home entertainment system without physical connections.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

This USB Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and non-Bluetooth audio systems. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward operation make it accessible for users of all technical backgrounds.

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USB Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter The most basic technological component found in almost all electromic devices of today, bluetooth. It is an essential to have. In our cars we expect to have bluetooth so that we can listen out our journey. Wait. You dont have bluetooth in your car? Well, no worries, we here at sehgalmotors are here to respond to your automotive needs, hence we offer you the best USB Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter, which works via radio waves to provide you with a wireless transfer system. It is basically a connecting bridge between your car and your bluetooth device. Its a must have for many purposes, that can make your car ride easier; wireless communication, audio streaming, file transfer and much more. This product is also known as (Bluetooth Reciever, Splitter)


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