Universal AC to DC Car Cigarette e Lighter Socket Adapter


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The Universal AC to DC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter is a versatile device designed to convert household AC power into the DC power necessary for your car’s accessories. This adapter acts as a bridge between standard wall outlets and the 12-volt DC power required for devices like car chargers, air compressors, portable coolers, and more.

Design and Compatibility

Crafted with convenience in mind, this adapter typically features a compact, rectangular design with a plug for a standard wall outlet on one end and a cigarette lighter socket on the other. Its compact size makes it portable and easy to carry in your car or store in a glove compartment for on-the-go use.

This adapter is universally compatible with most devices that utilize a car’s cigarette lighter socket. It’s engineered to handle various power requirements, ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of electronics, including smartphones, GPS devices, tire inflators, and even small appliances.

Functionality and Safety Features

Equipped with advanced safety mechanisms, the adapter protects both the device and the vehicle’s electrical system from potential voltage fluctuations and overheating. Built-in fuses and surge protectors safeguard against electrical surges, preventing damage to your devices and ensuring consistent, stable power delivery.

Practical Applications

The adapter’s versatility extends its usability beyond the confines of a vehicle. It serves as a reliable power source during camping trips, road travels, or emergency situations, allowing you to power essential devices using a standard wall outlet.

Usage Guidelines

Using the adapter is straightforward: simply plug it into a wall outlet and connect your device to the cigarette lighter socket. LED indicators may signal when the adapter is operational, providing added convenience.

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Universal AC to DC Car Cigarette e Lighter Socket Adapter A car helper electrical plug otherwise called vehicle outlet, car control attachment, & car outlet& , & vehicular outlet& , and comparative; once in the past known as a cigarette lighter container, stogie lighter repository or stogie lighter attachment in a car was at first intended to control an electrically warmed cigarette lighter, but turned into a ACTIVE standard DC connector to supply electrical control for convenient embellishments utilized in or close to a car, legitimately from the vehicles electrical framework. A few vehicles, particularly vans, will, in general, have more electrical plugs, normally one for the front travelers, one for the back travelers and one for the baggage trunk. The voltage of the electrical plug is as a rule almost 12 V DC, (14V to 15V while the running motor is turning the alternator, so as to charge the vehicle battery while giving electrical power) since it is unregulated legitimately fueled from the vehicles electrical framework. Most extras that can be connected to the outlet are evaluated for input voltages of up to 24V, some are even appraised for 30V or 32V, on the grounds that bigger vehicles, for example, lorry trucks and transports regularly have 24-volt electrical frameworks, with a higher voltage while their alternator is creating power. Adornments may in part work with lower input voltages, for example, 9V. Instances of gadgets that can be worked from a car electrical plug incorporate lights, fans, drink warming gadgets, and little mechanized devices, for example, air blowers for expanding tires. Numerous convenient electronic gadgets, for example, music players, cell phones and power banks use a connector (generally a USB charger) associated with the vehicle electrical plug to energize their inward batteries or to legitimately work from the vehicle electrical framework.;SehgalMotors.PK offering the best and unique style Universal AC to DC Car Cigarette e lighter Socket Adapter to be fixed properly at your car so you can use it in both terms as lighter or as adopter as well. SehgalMotors.PK has the best quality Car Cigarette e lighter Socket Adapter you can buy this from our outlets and online stores which is SehgalMotors.Pk. ;


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