Maximus Reverse Camera with Parking Sensor – 1 Piece


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Parking mishaps are a thing of the past with the Maximus Reverse Camera equipped with Parking Sensor, designed to provide drivers with enhanced visibility and assistance while maneuvering their vehicles in tight spots. This cutting-edge technology amalgamates a high-definition camera with precision sensors, delivering a comprehensive solution for safe and convenient parking.

High-Definition Camera Clarity: The Maximus Reverse Camera captures a wide-angle, crystal-clear view of the area behind your vehicle. Its high-definition display ensures clarity, enabling drivers to observe obstacles, pedestrians, or other vehicles with precision. The camera’s wide-angle perspective minimizes blind spots, offering a comprehensive view of the surroundings, crucial for safe parking and maneuvering.

Intelligent Parking Sensors: Complementing the visual aid of the camera, the integrated parking sensors provide real-time feedback to the driver. These sensors detect objects or obstacles within the vehicle’s proximity, alerting the driver through audible or visual signals. With different alert levels based on the proximity of obstacles, the system assists in gauging the distance between the vehicle and potential obstructions, facilitating confident and precise parking.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience: The combination of a high-quality camera and responsive sensors significantly reduces the risk of collisions and parking-related accidents. This feature-rich system not only enhances safety but also simplifies parking in challenging environments, such as crowded parking lots or tight spaces, empowering drivers with increased confidence and control.

Easy Installation and Compatibility: The Maximus Reverse Camera with Parking Sensor is designed for convenience. Its user-friendly installation process ensures compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, seamlessly integrating into the existing framework without extensive modifications.

Weather-Resistant and Durable Build: Crafted with durable materials and engineered to withstand various weather conditions, this system ensures longevity and reliability, providing consistent performance in diverse environments.

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